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Hey Guys Rage_Trage here
Now I have been orginising a building Named TheLegitLolnetBuild.
Where well talented Architects from the lolnet enviroment come and build a massive building legit (witch means in normal survival).
The Requirements
-Has to show me one of their builds.
-Has to be a good builder.
-Has to always wear a golden hat (helmet).
-Never been banned.

There is no application but you have to show me The Requirements.
Ingame money will be paid along with these perks.
-$100 (ingame) per 1hour you spend.
-The glory of saying you built it.
-1 diamod to start off with.
-5 iron to start.

This building is gunna be bigger than spawn, we are trying to make this huge like massive.
I have got told it looks good from Our Very Own Architect himself Schnicks_NZ.
Don't just do it for the perks, Do it for lolnet, this will be in the lolnet history books :p.

How to get a hold of me

PM through the forums, mail me ingame. It will have to be when I'm on. My assistant Dico_man will be here to help aswell.

Everyone wants to leave something for lolnet so why not say "I help build that" to any new users.
New name suggestions aswell lol :p.

P.S haven't got my rank on the forums yet dew to email and password forgetting :p.


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Hey rage,
I would like to believe that I am a good builder and I am very good at organising things and internal decoration, but I can still build well
Golden block or just a golden headpiece?
I have never been banned from any server or game that I play on
The best part??
-dont want the diamonds
- dont want the iron
-dont want the money :)

Just consider it, I will show you some of my previous builds when I get back later on today


Hey Trage. You can bet i'll be in this with my head held high. just tp to me when I'm around and then i can show you my most precious build on Lolnet. My Treehouse. There is a couple of Scaffoldings around but if you ignore that. Boom! The only aspect of your requirements i don't have is the Gold Helmet one :p . I Wear a BLUE STEEL HELMET and I always will :p . But I do have Some enchanted Gold Helmets lying around my Chests and i can wear those. I got one that has Protection 3, Respiration 3 and Aqua Affinity 1 which i got from a Zombie :D . So whenever you can, give me a heads up and then I can call you over.


Ps: Oooohhh, there once was a griefer, who ruined danthemab's Builds, but when he came on again, He found a Wither "Found a Wither" In his House! :lol:


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Hey Guys.
I've changed the idea abit as now it is gunna be the Lolnet Museum.
We are looking for another commander to look after the building while I'm gone.
I've had a lot of people ask me if they can help so I need to apply so ranks.
Commander - In charge of the whole thing while Im gone and can tell people what to do. Looking for 2 more, we have one at the moment.
Moderator - Basically to tell users to gather resources for this Build. Looking for 3 more.

When you have been chosen to take part in this you have to join the faction "TheCrew" so we can faction chat for the build.

Last is what I want to point out is for The Admins, If this building is good enough may it be moved to spawn for people to see like behind the church or something?

Mail me ingame.
Hey guys, this project has been down for awhile due to other issues that have popped up.
I'm starting it back up next weekend (22nd or june saturday).

We still have a lot of work need down before we start designing, what we need is users that have the ability to fly so they can place their blocks higher than normal users.

Big thanks to xDilligaf09 for being their.
As most know this build has changed to a Museum.

It'd be awesome for more people to help and to donate.
No more need for the other account now.


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Hello! I believe I am great for this job and also i recommend daxern and danthemab too! Tpa to me anytime when you want to see my builds and I've been building since I came in Lolnet XD. Also I love wearing gold helmet and can I also wear golden pants with me? Because I love wearing pants with me :D