Hey guys I have been on this sever for almost a year now and I am very friendly so if you come to me I will have things for you guys. I'm from New Zealand and I'm 12 and I enjoy lolnet and wish I could help people by becoming a User Assistant but I can still help even if I am not a UA. I have met new friends like DaveTheDominator,XxSlayerz2Xx,kabby31 and more I hope I can meet more people and become friends with them :D . I also enjoy making buildings, helping others and selling my stuff in tradecenter (my brother owns the shop not me) and I would like to thank the person that brought all my stuff and all the Admins,Moderators and UA's and I especially like to thank TheChosenOne for helping me with everything I didn't know about lolnet (he's like a professional tutor)

Assassin50 :geek: