Hello :) -xLuvBugx


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I thought it was about time I introduced myself and let everyone know a bit more about me :)
To start of my gamer name is xLuvBugx (as you've probably already guessed :lol: ) I am a talkative, cherry person that is always ready to help you out or talk with you when you're bored. I love meeting new people and always try my best to stay positive for everyone's sake. Some of you may already know this but outside from minecraft I am a horse rider and spend every spare moment of my time playing minecraft or horse riding :)

I know that I have already made many new friends on lol.net that have helped me a lot with learning how everything works, If you ever need a chat or want something to keep you entertained I'll do my best to help out :)
Thanks :)

~ xLuvBugx


Hey there! ;P

I feel like we've seen each other...? XD jk yea I know you, on Minecraft at least. But it's great that you do horse riding! (I used to do alittle myself when I was younger :)) See you around!

-Tegal (a.k.a CoolBurl)