Hello New Lolnetians!


Hello there Lolnetians who have only joined Lolnet in 2013! My name Is danthemab. I've been on Lolnet for about 8 months now and oh boy it's been a ride! So I know this Server very well. I have many friends on this server. Including Izaaklol12, Fazepred, Taxman0_0 and quite a few others. I hate to brag, but I really do consider myself as one of Lolnet's best Architects behind Schnicks_NZ and a couple of other guys. Don't believe me? Go to the First East Gate's Jungle and the Giant Extensive treehouse Connected with Bridges made of Oak Wood and Leaves is my Humble abode. I hate Griefers. So i Swear. If I see Someone has Griefed any of my Facilities, I'm going to go Hunt down Wither Skellies in the Nether, Find your house, and Spawn a Wither in it. Sorry if I got carried away. I really get mad at Griefers because my treehouse has been Griefed more then once. If you need any Help on Lolnet, ask me and I might come along and help out. Cause most of the time I'm afk on Lolnet. Either breeding animals or Farming xp. Ingame, I really like mining for quartz in the Nether and slaughtering dam ghasts. The only things that bug me ingame are angry Pigmen, Huge Mob Infestations in caves and not coming across a single Diamond ore after mining like 1000 blocks at level 11. :oops: Well thats enough said. See you on Lolnet guys!


Ps: I'll always leave a Ps in my posts to show my Hate for Griefers, theives and Hackers. So do expect it!