Hello guys,


Hey guys, I just started realising the lack of response from customers for my enchanted goods in game and I don't want to advertise any more sooo... Here is my advert on the forum (please don't count this as spam :D )

I am selling diamond picks all enchanted at level 30, for 3000 ~ 5500 each.
Some of the picks (all un-used) have:
-Silk touch 1 Efficiency 4 Unbreaking 3
-Fortune 3 Efficiency 4 Unbreaking 3
-Efficiency 4 Unbreaking 3
-Fortune 3 Unbreaking 3

And these are just some.
I also sell diamond enchanted swords In-game, and books (also at level 30).

If you are interested in any of these picks, swords or books, please contact me In-game, or post a reply to this post!