Hello from Liam!


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Hi there!

My name is Liam Cottle. I am 17 years old and I am from Gisborne, New Zealand.
I have played minecraft for about four or five months and joined lolnet not too long ago.

I enjoy programming, my favourite languages (in order of most favourite to least favourite) are PHP, Java (Android only) and CSS. I know a few more programming languages, but they are pretty basic. (Such as Javascript).

Since I have joined lolnet, I have been helped out by many other players. Whether it's something simple as showing me where to go for building (Straight through at the roundabout) or lending a hand with creating paths to my houses where I don't have permission.

I have played on a few other servers, and I'd have to say that lolnet is the best!

:creeper: Liam Cottle.


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Nice to have you here Liam, and I'm glad you are enjoying lolnet so much!