Hello everyone!


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New player to the server here...

Having had a couple of visits on some of the overseas servers I though I'd make an effort and try and find one here in NZ.

About me: Played a little bit on the Empire Minecraft server and had a looked at the World of Keralis server but largely played single-player until I got sick and tired and decided to buy a proper gaming laptop haha. I'm largely a builder so expect a few stuff from, and dabbled a bit in youtube vids (maybe I'll get back into if my mic still works/if I can be bothered).

So far I've had a look on the vanilla survival server, claimed some land and didn't realise about the /sethome option until after I went back to spawn doh! Recently, I've been making myself comfortable on the Infinity server only to find out that there's most likely a world reset about to happen. Guess I'll jump back to the vanilla server and start again.

Anyway, hope to see some of you around. My in-game name is Eujinn (aptly named because some person at Starbucks didn't know how to spell my name).

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Oh, yeah. I work as an AV Technician and I live here in Auckland :D


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Hello and Welcome!

It's always lovely to see friendly people join our community here on lolnet. Look forward to talking to you in the future!