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hi there im not sure if this is the right area for this topic as i never have done this before.

JOAO has asked me to help him find out if player is capable of hacking? he told me that he thinks SandBOxx is trying to hack his account. im not realy sure how i can help him with this. so i thought i would post it.

also SandBOxx has asked me for items when i wasnt even talking to him and when i said no he started swearing realy badly at me and i feel that it was not right.. i should have a right to say no just like anyone else.

i have send some moreq about this but couldnt exactly explain everthing so i thought id post it.

Thanx Atarie146


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Easiest way to not get your account hacked is to not share your password, and change it if you have. Someone just saying "give me stuff or I'll hack your account" is just threatening with something they can't do.

There is a section of the forums titled "report a player", that will get attention quicker. This is sort of a 'non-game' section of the forums.

Don't feel you have to give anyone anything. Like you said, you can just say no. If he swears at you, talk to an admin. Taking and posting screenshots helps.