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To all the players I've had the pleasure of meeting in my time here:

Well, Lolnet. I've had fun, with a lot of you players, but I've really stopped playing much anymore. I realised a while ago that MC was an addiction to me, and I needed to stop. This has cut off a lot of contact I had with some of you, maybe the contact was cut off long before that. To any of those who know me, gt wrkt son, just kidding :p

But in short, Goodbye Lolnet. My times of fun and joy on the server is gone, I have moved on from MC.


Note if you have seen a player called X_b0t or Bboylol15, tell him Daxern has stopped MC permanently.


Take care man. Sometimes we need to look at how we are spending our time and prioritize things. Good on you for recognizing when something fun has gone too far.


Heya dax. So sad to hear you're leaving the Minecrafy Community. You fit in with us like family :( But as one of your many friends in the community, I wish you the best for the future. You were one of my best friends on Lolnet ever. So long my friend, and if you want, come on from time to time just to chat. Cya around.

:diamond: danthemab :diamond: