Goodbye For Now LolNet!


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Hey guys! For those of you who dont know me my name is Nnewman. I've been a UserAssistant for 7-8 months and a member of lolnet for 3 year (same as James137137)

I am currently lying in bed and on my ipad so i dont plan to keep this going on for a long long time. Those of you who know me well would know that I'm not one to make a big speech like the renound 0zlw.

So my time on LolNet is coming to an end once again. It has been a blast. Since I left last time i have made new friends and great memories, i made more buildings then i ever did and more complex then anything ive ever done before. I would like to thank riot, drach sicro rage and xdill. Without you guys lolnet would have been a lot more.
The biggest thank you i can give is to feezeebeezee, merlin22 and last but not least. Tommy. I love you guys to bits and you will always be my friends. Tommy, without you i would have had no inspiration on xp farms, redstone builds or anything that I have as buildings. No words can say how thankful i am to you 3. Mumble is usually low in numbers so we have had more interesting and funny conversations then I could have ever imagined. So thank you so much

As a UserAssistant i have helped a lot of people and (regrettably) had a few rages at the stupidest and silliest questions and things. But hey, thats the job. So i appologise to the users that I may have offended, I'm sorry. What may be portrayed as humer and a joke to me may not have been taken that way. So again, if i have offended you then I'm sorry

Drach, thanks man for everything. You helped me with things that i needed and I helped you out. Especially tonight haha :p so have fun with it all and take it easy!! Lol. Thanks man.

MrJap. Thanks for helping me with what ever i needed doing. I hope that you enjoyed the money. Sorry that I was a cheap a$$ why paying you.

So anyway, back to the reason why I am writing this lol. You guessed it. I'm leaving lolnet once again. If you have kept with me. Bare with me a little longer. I am leaving lolnet because ive found that I have ran out of things to do. I've made every kind at least one of every xp farm. Ive spent weeks making almost every kind of farm that there is. So with that in mind i have nothing to do. Ive spent weeks upon weeks creating farms here and farms there. I've mined for day after day after day. I've built all that I can be botherd to. Yeah i know that the possibilities are endless with what to build. But with the intention span of a fish no. I can build and farm resources till the end of time. I dont have the patience of tommy or the design aspiration of feebee. I dont keep my calm or have the design ideas of Merlin. I cant build like Schnicks. Can't build like 0zlw. In all honest all I can do well is mine, farm and that. But I CAN coppy a build, I can help someone with redstone things and smaller projects. But design? Lol no! So lolnet is getting boring in my opinion.

The most fun that I have had in weeks is the new spawn. But once you've doubble jumped onto the zombie statues 100 times and triple jumped onto the ship 50 times (died 1000 x times more) so yeah :) it was great while it lasted. The ship is a real challenge. Something that I can do and have fun doing it! The ship is a honest and real challenge and a lot of fun and anger.

So thank you to the friends that ive made and i love you all. (Sorry if i didnt give you a shoutout)
And to the non so friendly people- yeah no. If I disliked you a lot there is a reason. And that reason wasn't always me......
So to all but one (you should know who you are) im sorry our friendship wasn't on a good terms......

So overall: Thank you CptWin 0zlw James tommy Merlin and feebee for making lolnet a great experience. I may be on every now and again. I love you guys and without you lolnet wouldn't be the same. CptWin- you've done an amazing job with the server and the best of luck. And if you eve reed a hand with anything just chuck me a message on steam.


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I will pop in now and again. But with the 1.7 update with how awesome it looks I might be in a bit more but I'm not sure when it comes out. But other then that I will jump in every now and again to say hi. I will also jump in mumble and have a chat with some people if you wanna say hi
Hey Nnewman!! it was so much fun having you on the server helping players out all the time!! good luck with the future and hope to see you on sooner or later!


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Head over to Dez's FTB server if the problem is looking for something new to do. You'll be busy for a couple of years working through 103 different mods.