Glued into newfacs


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but new facs is osm!! the spawn is cool, and good starter kit, more commands, (ALLIES!!!FOE!!!!TRUCE!!!!!!)
and more!!! i am really surprised (and happy) that they addedfood to the shop, but not dimes, etc, so ppl who need food to survive can buy food, but not get a head start and buy dimes and armor etc. and the power idea is fab!! i am making a faction with CReeperCake. I truced like every faction because i was afraid i will be grieved :mrgreen: and btw congrats!!! ty for /f because we wil know the commands :D btw if you type something wrong, like /f autp, is will say: strange comments like /f

soooooo cooooool
addicted already :mrgreen: :lol: :roll: :shock: :eek:

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