Get on the Lolnet Mumble Server -


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To encourage users to get onto the Lolnet Mumble Server, we will be giving away prizes to factions and players who use the Lolnet Mumble Server.


How do you get a reward? Well, you can earn money for just being a regular, registered user on the Lolnet Mumble Server. If you use it regularly, you'll get a one-off reward of $5000

Criteria - To recieve $5000

- Join the Lolnet Mumble Server
- Use the Lolnet Mumble Server regularly (Multiple times a week)
- Spend some time chatting to users on the server


Factions can earn a set of Diamond Armour if they take up the offer for a Faction Channel and it is used regularly.

Criteria - To receive Diamond Armour Set with Protection IV chetplate

- The Faction leader must join the Mumble Server
- The Leader creates a Faction Channel for his members
- The channel is used regularly by members (Or members regularly use the server as a whole)


All you need to join Mumble is any of the following:

- External mic and speakers |or| Headset |or| Laptop mic and headphones |or| Any combination of devices that let you talk without echoing

If you have any of these, then, what are you waiting for, Join now using the following steps:

1. Download the Mumble Client

2. Install the Mumble Client

3. Open Mumble and go to Server -> Connect

4. Then find the button where you add a server and add the following

Label: Lolnet Mumble Server
Port: 64738
Username: <Insert Lolnet Username Here>

5. Connect to the server and accept the certificates

6. Complete the Audio Wizard under the Configure -> Audio Wizard (Suggest you select push-to-talk to begin with)

7. Your ready to go, Join the Lolnet Minecraft Channel

If you need a hand, ask any of the friendly staff members how to join.


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Re: Get on the Lolnet Mumble Server -

This offering is running for the next two weeks.