gamemode 4

OMG i am dead serious.
Maybe u guys no this.
Be4 i wanted to keep this a secret.
But then i decieded to share it on the osmest serv on de world.
BUT maybe u guys already no this.
so there is a 4th gamemode.
1. creative
4.lets say itssss...ghost.
in this gamemode, u have no inventory, u cannot die, but u can become other objects.
if u fly around u are invisible, but if u look in ur inventory box u will appear as a head.
u cannot destroy anything, put down anything, or pick up anything.
u dont have the cross in the center u have when you are in other gamemodes, u only have it when u are facing an animal.
if u click on it u become the animal/creature. but u cant control it.

creepers view is all green, endermen is xray, and spiders is plain weird. tri it out!!!!!!! only fer 1.8 but

have funnnnnnnn~
merry christmas~

pls the command is /gamemode 3


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There's seriously a gamemode 4?! :O
Well, thanks for that info creeper! Nice to meet you!


Cherr cherr