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Auxiliary Information and Application Guide

Auxiliary is an entry level staff rank that allows FTB Users to both give back to the community and help in the moderating and smooth operation of the FTB Servers.

What can an Aux do?

Aux will have powers that will enable them to perform their two primary roles, of assisting users as well as assisting in the basic moderation of the server. This means they will have:

- Ticket system / ReportRTS permissions which will allow them to see modreqs and allow them to respond to these requests. This allows them to assist users with their problems.
- Basic moderation commands, including kick and temporary mute, which will allow them to moderate the server and provide a level of response to problems, rule breaking and other issues especially when Mods & Admins aren’t around.

Rank Requirements

The rank of Auxiliary has no major requirements except that the user must be registered on the forums. Applicants are also expected to have some experience and knowledge about the FTB server they play on, and some experience with how the Lolnet community operates in addition to demonstrating a level of maturity.

Application Process

Applications using the following application template are made privately to Dezil. This can be sent to him in the form of a forum PM or for those who can’t send those can be made in the form of an email to [email protected]

These applications are decided on by Dezil in consultation with other appropriate server staff. Applicants are assessed using a number of different ways including their application quality, interactions with other users and staff, knowledge and experience, maturity.

Applicants can expect to be notified as to the result of their application normally within a week of their application being made. This is a goal only however and it may take longer depending on the availability of staff.

Application Template

Applicants are welcome to include anything they feels is of value to their application. However we ask that in your application you cover a few things.

Basic Details:
-Ingame Username:
-Forum Username (Preferable to be the same):
-Server Application is for:

Application Core – Structure an application to answer and develop these points
-Why do you want to be an Auxillary and what does the rank mean to you?
-What have you contributed to the server in the past and how will you benefit the server?
Other beneficial information to include:
-An introduction to yourself
-Previous moderating/administrative experience
-What makes Lolnet the server of your choice. What things could be improved upon?
-Anything else relevant

Good luck with your applications and Thankyou for your interest in the continued
success of the Lolnet FTB Servers.