FTB Auxiliary applications now open

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Auxiliary applications are once again open for the FTB servers.

What is an Auxiliary?
An Auxiliary is the entry level to staff ranks, they have access to select commands to assist the moderators including temporary mutes and kicking across all Lolnet modded servers. They also have access to a restricted forum for discussion away from prying eyes.

Where to from here?
The Lolnet modded server ranks are in order:
Rank ups are done on a per user basis, based upon the observations of the Lolnet team; Nagging won't help you.

Can I apply?
Anyone can apply however it is advised that you meet a few basic requirements.

  • 1) You have basic-advanced knowledge of at least one specific modpack to be able to assist users.

    2) Either you have prior experience in moderation or are willing to ask questions and accept advice from the other staff.

    3) Play actively on any servers, there is no point for us to have staff who don't play. (There is no specific limit to this, however please don't apply if you don't believe you can be online at least once to twice a week.)

    4) Be able to write a coherent sentence, if you can't spell no-one will take you seriously, also remember how you speak and act reflects upon Lolnet as a whole.

Help Us Get to Know You

Lolnet runs our own Mumble voice chat server. Jumping on Mumble and letting us get to know you can make a big difference to your application. We like people who we can speak to.

To join, download mumble and connect to our server, mumble.lolnet.co.nz

I meet the above guidelines and still want to apply?
Compose an email to Dezil_nz [email protected] outlining your application; My personal advice is to refer to the listed guidelines in your application. We suggest it is useful to cover some personal background information, previous experience, skills and abilities.

It may also be useful to refer to the Lolnet Vanilla application guides for UA & JnrMod for other/ideas/advice/inspiration. The freedom however is yours to write and design your own application that best reflects you.
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