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Below you will find definitions and explanations for terminology used in Creation Reborn regarding the server rules. This can be used as a reference when you are not sure about something in-game. The following definitions are things that have been questioned, please let staff know if you would like something added for clarification.

1.0 Fail RP
Fail RP is a generalised term used to identify things not specifically listed as a rule, for example saying things like "I have live bodycam" to indicate you are streaming or "the gods are watching at the moment" meaning staff are online, would come under Fail RP. If a staff member pulls you up for "Fail RP" it's usually just to get an explanation behind your actions, but if it’s serious enough you may face disciplinary action.

2.0 Report Hunting
Report hunting is when a player or person sits through streams or watches players in game waiting for them to stuff up. After collecting what they think is sufficient enough evidence to get the player in trouble, they will then report and submit it to a staff member. This is a waste of time for both the person reporting and staff. Unless the players actions have directly involved you then it is not valid and will not be dealt with by staff.

3.0 Major Crime Figure
A Major Crime Figure is someone that has committed enough serious crimes to be declared a major crime figure. If you are declared by police, there is no way to reverse it on that particular character. Remember that it's the character that gets declared, not the player. Your other characters are not affected by this status.

4.0 Valuing your life and the life of the other players (IMPORTANT)
Valuing your life, in simple terms, means that you must value your life at ALL times. Waking up in hospital is the worst thing in the world and you have to avoid it at all costs. However, this also means you have to have a life to value. Items on your person are not the important thing here; yes you don't want to lose them, but more importantly you don't want to ‘die’.

So what does that mean for the criminals and murders out there?
When you take someone hostage for whatever RP reason, server rules state that they must value their life. Valuing life doesn't necessarily mean "Comply with everything I say or you’re dead". All this means is they have to show the hostage takers that they value their life by "appearing" as though they are complying with them. For example, they can try and lie their way out of it or just comply with any demands.

"Well I complied with everything they asked and they still killed me"
Most of the time this is caused by bad RP on their behalf. Serious RP dictates that you have a valid RP reason for every action you complete in the city; this also includes killing someone for a valid RP reason. Saying "oh I didn't want them to remember or recognise me and report me to the cops/their gang/whomever later" is not a good enough reason to take someone's life and is extremely bad RP. Think smarter - if you don't want someone to remember or recognise you then conceal yourself better. Also keep in mind that killing someone in NLR finishes that scenario, so if you did have a longer RP story planned with that person, you have just ruined the whole thing by killing them.

Not valuing your life because you believe the person or group is just going to kill you anyway is not a reason to not value. You must ALWAYS value your life even if you think it's pointless or repetitive etc. This is roleplay, you are not the only person that is playing on the server, if RP is presented to you whether it’s hostile or not, you must roll with it.

5.0 Death
Your character never dies in game unless you have decided on permadeath. You are always rendered "unconscious" if your health reaches zero. Listed below are the types of "deaths" we have in the city.

  • By fist, melee weapon, taser, drowning, food or water, accident - non-NLR applies to this, can be healed by police or paramedics.
  • By projectile weapon - both NLR and non-NLR can apply depending on the circumstances, only paramedics can assist with this.
  • By vehicle accident - non-NLR applies to this. Police can assist with minor accidents, paramedics can assist with both minor or major vehicle accidents.
  • By execution - NLR applies to this.

6.0 New Life Rule (NLR) vs Non New Life Rule (Non-NLR)
NLR applies to certain situations that will require you to "forget" things for the sake of RP. For example, if you are in a situation where NLR applies then after you have respawned back at hospital or woken up in a hospital bed (commonly referred to as being in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU)) the only thing you can remember is details of your last non-hostile location and prior.

Non-hostile location example: You stopped at the bank to withdraw money and you were taken and executed. Due to the execution, NLR will apply and the only thing you can remember is turning up at the bank and prior. You cannot remember details about the hostile situation like what car they were driving or clothes that they were wearing or what direction you headed. Any bodycam footage that is yours is also no longer valid.

Non-NLR applies to every other time you end up back at hospital and you can remember everything leading up to and including your 'death' and the details about it if you choose to. That choice is yours and yours alone, and nobody can force you to remember, although they may RP trying to help you remember or trying to jog your memory.

7.0 Combat Logging
Combat Logging is when you avoid ANY RP situation, hostile or non-hostile, by leaving the server. If you find yourself in a situation where you were in the middle of any RP and you lost connection for any reason, please let someone know or put up a post in discord so that the other people involved can follow up the RP next time you are in the city if they choose to.

8.0 Power Gaming
Power gaming means that you make up things that do not exist to take control or gain advantage over a situation. This can be anything from using /me or simply just talking in game to stating you are using items that simply don’t exist in the game.

An example of power gaming would be "/me pulls out gun, holds gun to cops head" while you are under arrest in the safe zone at the police department. Even though you may think this adds good RP for that situation by doing so, it takes advantage of game mechanics to do something you physically cannot do in a safe zone and also breaks the rule regarding hostile RP inside a safe zone.

Another example would be telling police during a bank robbery that "you have to give us a 5 minute window when we leave or we will blow up Maze Bank with a remote detonator”. You can't actually blow up Maze Bank, so that makes it power gaming.

You also cannot power game another player like using "/me pulls off mask" to reveal the identity of the player. You cannot physically pull off someone’s mask, so that makes it power gaming.

9.0 Executions (IMPORTANT)
First thing to clear up is that just moving a player from point A to point B then putting them on their knees and killing them is not valid for NLR.

Execution means that you are killing the player for a valid RP reason, meaning that you have come to a point in your RP that has required your character/story to take someone and kill them.

An example for that would be as follows.
Gang A believes that Gang B has snitched on them and has decided to take a member hostage for questioning. The hostage then tells Gang A what they want to hear and they let him go. The hostage then goes back to their gang and reports back what just happened. Gang B then takes matters into their own hands and goes after a member of Gang A to take revenge and show them who's boss. After taking the hostage and putting them on their knees, they inform the hostage of why they are about to be killed and that killing them would send a message to their entire gang.

That would be a valid RP reason to execute someone. There is a point, there is depth to it and makes 100% sense to that person and they know why they have just been killed. They cannot remember anything in character about that situation but as a player they know why they have been executed.

A bad example of an execution is things like putting someone on the ground just to rob them and shooting them, or using the excuse "I don't want you to remember". This is not valid for NLR to apply. However, it is also not against the rules to kill the person as long as a valid declaration has been made in accordance with the server rules.
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