Five Nights At Lolnet - Halloween Event


"Hello? Hello hello? Uh.. If your reading this, Chances are you've made a very poor career choice.."


I wanted to leave a message for you to help you get settled in on your first night, You start on the 31ST at about 5PM Right? I'm just finishing up my last week here myself actually! Theres absolutely nothing to worry about, You'll be fine!

So uh, Yeah I just wanted to warn you, The animatronics here do get a little "quirky" at night, But do I blame them? No, If I was forced to sing the same songs for 20 years, And no repairs were ever done on me, I would probably be a little bored too. Just remember, Treat these things with respect, They play a big part in childrens hearts, Gotta' remember that okay?

So just be aware, They do tend to wander "a bit". I think they're left in some sort of free roaming mode at night.. Something about their servers getting locked up. They used to be allowed to walk around at day too, But yknow, Then there was the Bite of 87'. Yeah.. Amazing how the human brain can still work withou.. Anyway.

The only real risk is that if the animals see you, They will probably think your an animatronic outside of its suit, And thats not allowed here at Freddy Lolnet's pizza emporium, So they will attempt to stuff you inside of a freddy fazbear suit! Which may or may not kill you.. But its fine! As long as you keep moving, Well not too much, You'll be fine, We are sending you in groups of 5 of course, So you'll be A OK!

(Upon leaving your 5 shift job, You will recieve your paycheck of diamonds)

Security at Freddy Lolnet's Pizza Emporium,
Home of the lovely animitronics, Freddy, Bonnie, Chica and Foxy the Pirate.

Don't be late for work.