Five Nights At Lolnet 2 - Returning. Remastered. Reborn.

Hello? Hello? Ah, You're here. Welcome to Freddy Fazbears.

What is my new job?

You work at the new and improved freddy fazbears pizzeria. We specialize in kids birthday parties! You'll be working the night shift with 4 other guards. The doors lock at night, So you will be stuck in there untill the janitor comes in the morning to open up the doors. We do have cameras installed though, So don't worry! Theres uh.. I don't actually know who controlls the cameras but... Theres somebody watching. That's all you need to know. After last time we kind of uh.. Realised we need.. evidence..

Are there any risks?

You won't be allowed to bring anything from outside into the building, But it's fine, We'll uh-Give you a stick and hat I guess? Oh and uh.. You know the animatronics right? The robot AI fluffy animals, that are like, the stars of the restaurant. Well at night they uh, used to.. wander. But that should be fixed now. It was a bug with their servers locking up, But now thats all fixed. They're logged in to a criminal database now aswell! So if any criminals come near they'll go for them. The old animals are uh.. gone. Yeah.. Gone.

Whats the pay?

Woah hold back there buddy! You're going right into pay? Well.. Okay. It's 10 diamonds per night. So you're gettin' a fair deal in my opinion, They only pay me 3 diamonds! And uh, They pick this, Employee of the night thing, For the guards. And they give you an extra 50% on your paycheck. So it's a pretty fair deal. I don't get the deal though, It's pretty stupid.. Yeah. This IS a kids place remember, Don't wreck any of their balloons and tables and slides or whatever, You can look around but, The office is where you SHOULD be.

When do I start?

Sunday the 22nd of Feb. At around 6PM NZ time! Don't be late, There are many other guards willing to take your place. Uh, Just. Don't talk to them about the old building, I'll personally make sure you're fired if there is any talk of it. We at Fazbears believe only in the future! And the future shall be bright, So bright indeed.

Good luck.

IceCubesBurning & Kingmarsden
Co CEO'S Of Freddy Fazbears Entertainment
What a spooky post? Amirite?

Out of character a bit here, Don't let it ruin your immersion!

So today is the day, That this event happens! It hasn't happened yet, But it will be happening! At 6PM! So be there!

I just wanted to make this post to I guess, Clarify a few things? Because there is some confusion with like "How do I play!" or "What can I bring in!" so thats my main reason for making this little edit type post, And a screenshot of course. You cant do it w/out the screenshot!

-If you want to play, Clear your inventory of everything but food, Don't bring in golden apples though, No :p
-If you die, Don't /back. Go to spawn and use the warp back into the fnaf lobby, And spectate!
-Spectators have something to do. Spectators can turn on lights, And play spooky noises, You won't be able to talk though. And you must go down a long windy tunnel to leave! Muaha!
-You can't hurt the animals, But they can hurt you!
-Do not camp! They will target you!
-The backwards iron door in the start room/office is for emergency escapes! See an animal coming for you? Go through there! And they wont be able to get you!
-Use closets to your advantage!
-Turn your fly and god mode off!

Alot of this stuff won't make sense untill the events happening, Then it'll all click on like "ohhhh". Hah. It's been alot of fun making this event, And hopefully it pulls a few people into survival and we can all have some laughs. The last "Unfinished' post is gonna be screenshots of the event in progress, for anybody who missed it by the way, It's likely we'll do this again some time :)