First 10 Minute Guide : For New Guys!


Here's a simple guide to first 10 Minutes of Minecraft. Some of the steps are for Singleplayer, because you can't sleep on bed in Multiplayer for night to be day time, unless everybody else do so.

Let's start! :D

You spawn in a world with water, sun, trees, animals and hills. (Try moving mouse)
Minute Zero
Look around, take note of your surroundings. See if there are any trees around you. (Try keys w,s, a and d)
Walk towards trees. If you do not see any trees, pick a random direction and walk. If you are on an island, surrounded by water, swim towards land by holding space. Throughout the first day, it's recommended to hit any Tall Grass you come across as wheat seeds are going to come in handy later on. (click mouse)

Minute One
Punch down the trees in the surrounding area. If you still do not see trees, then start collecting sand (as much as you can get) for 20 sec., then move on. If you are still swimming, keep at it. (click and hold left mouse) Get at least four Wood Blocks (logs for short). Any type will do. (tap e to see what you have in your inventory and tap e again when you are finished) The last thing you must do is start killing animals by punching them to death, and then collecting all their drops. Keep doing this until you pick a place for your shelter, then do not kill the animals near your shelter. If you see a horse then DO NOT kill it, tame it instead by right-clicking it to mount it, and repeating the process until it stops bucking you off.

Minute Two
Make a Crafting Table by pressing 'e' then clicking the logs into the 2x2 grid in the top right.(1 log = 4 planks) Then click the four planks you made into the 2x2 grid, one in each segment, on the right a crafting table will appear; once you have it, place it down and right mouse click to use it.

Make a wooden pickaxe (1 log = 4 planks = 8 sticks)

Minute Three
Dig down or into hills, and use the pickaxe to gather at least 20 blocks of cobblestone. This hole can be your shelter if you want, so pick a suitable place. You can also look for a cave opening. These are quite easy to find, occurring in every biome. They usually have lots of ore, too, so keep an eye out.
Make a stone axe, a stone pickaxe, and a stone sword.

It never hurts to get more wood, so try to have at least 10 logs for the night. It's okay if you don't get enough. You can collect more in the morning.

Minute Four
Wander around and look for coal and a place to make your shelter. It's okay if you can't find coal, just cut down some more wood.


You live in the world.

Minute Five
Chop up your Crafting Table and collect it and remember your spawn point.
Walk around, looking for an ideal place for your shelter. If you see sheep, kill 3 of them to gather 3 blocks of wool. If you want to have an easier time later on by breeding sheep, don't kill sheep unless there are 5 or more around. (It is still advised to kill sheep whenever you find them until you have three blocks of wool, any color will do.)

Minute Six
Clear the area for your new shelter. You can make an easy shelter by digging into a hill or digging steps downwards into the ground.

Minute Seven & Eight
Build your basic shelter (worry about size and looks later, focus on functionality). For now, build it with dirt, wooden planks, or sandstone (If you spawned in a desert biome and collected sand during Minute One)

Craft some torches to light your shelter up.

If you couldn't find coal, you can make a furnace and burn logs to acquire Charcoal, which functions the same as regular coal. First, make a furnace.

Then, turn 1 log into charcoal, using either your Wooden Pickaxe or some planks as fuel. (Wooden tools are not efficient fuel, but also serve no purpose once stone has been acquired.)

Finally, use this Charcoal to burn up to 8 more logs. You can keep using this method to get charcoal until you find coal ore.

Also, after burning the wood, cook the meat you got by killing animals.

If you have additional wood, make a door. In recent updates, zombies have been enabled with the ability to break doors (only on hard mode, which a beginner should never play on, this is just for you to keep in mind). Please keep this in mind when building your entrance/exit to your shelter, and to place the door go outside and place it to outer side of the block of your entrance to your shelter.

Minute Nine
Get ready for the night and craft a bed if you gathered wool. Note that the color of the wool doesn't matter; you can use any color of wool you have (and any combination of wood you have.) This, however, does not affect the output's colors.

And while you have this extra time, it would be a good idea to craft a chest to store unwanted and unnecessary items to carry around at all times such as seeds, eggs, leather, and extra food (meat).

Minute Ten
Go to bed. If you have not gathered enough wool for a bed or do not want to use one, first check to see if your base is secure (is lit, has all four walls, and has a roof. It is not recommended to add decorations to your house on the first day).

If you don't have enough wool then what you need to do is start to make a mine. From mines you can get lots of useful items such as iron, coal, redstone, gold, lapis, diamond, and emerald. You should start to mine in a staircase pattern (so you can get back up.) Mines are also a good way to find caves.

If you don't have enough coal to make many torches for the mine you can organize your items and house to make finding and moving easier.

Hope it helped. :geek:

-HairyHD Out.


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Awesome Hairy! It's really thoughtful of you to make a guide for beginners on Minecraft, since getting used to the game can take a while for most people. Thanks for your help to other Users, it is appreciated :D