Dylanjmj_Nz's Introduction


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Hey Dylanjmj_Nz here even though i have been on this server for quite a long time i have never seen this part of the Forums i thought cause i am bored i will write a bit about myself.
First well my name is Dylan ( Duhh ) I have been on lolnet for about a year now i cant tell u exactly, I have gained many many friends on lolnet e.g. Fazepred, pebbles777, xDilligaf09 ect. I am a Emerald VIP and have been for about a month, i have wanted to donate since i started, but back then they only had 2 donate options and i thought i just wanted to be a normal user. I have a sand temple type thing made by Christp123 and outside it a Horse named "The Wonderful Wizard of 0zlw" ( the original one died and i built a grave for him u can see it if im on when u are just ask :D ) and one last thing i am a Male gender if u didnt know already...

Your truly
- Dylanjmj_Nz