DW20 Full Server Reset


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Hi guys

First off to all the people that have played DW20 great work it has been a good run :)

but its time for a world reset our current DW20 world is coming close to 1 year old and we have decided its time for a fresh start on this server for several reasons, because of the worlds age there is less and less good land for building mining etc, because of some very complex builds there is lag present on the server, and the server is taking up a big chunk of our HDD space

the ins and outs of it all player data and world data will be reset, claims will be carried over

this is planed for Saturday the 13th of February server to close at 10am and be ready for the fresh start by midday (NZ times)

if there are any questions please get in touch with me or one of the other admins

Cheers Dez