DuckMart ReOpened


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As you may have notice over the last few months DuckMart's trading signs have been incorrect due to an oversight on my behalf, but there's no need to worry as DuckMart is up and running again.

DuckMart can be easily accessed via the spawn's warp signs, right above AtarieMall where DuckMart belongs.
DuckMart strives to be the best store across the servers, where some stores may only give you speed (cough* AtarieMall cough*), DuckMart gives you the whole chicken caboodle with Jump boost 2, Speed 2, Strength 2, Resistance 2, Regeneration and everyone's favourite Haste 2.
With the reopening, DuckMart employees have installed a hidden treasure room within the facility or surroundings for our customers to discover. The discovery will reward the finder with great fortune and riches.

No need to shop at AtarieMall
As DuckMart has had an overhaul
It may only be small
But DuckMart will solve it all