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Hey this is Drangonflame1905 [Diamond VIP]. This server is an amazing server, I've been playing on this server for Almost 2 years. I've had past accounts such as; Shotgunliver, xmajorcrabsx And now My premuim account; Drangonflame1905. I've learn't Much from you guys. including mods. I come on the server to relax and have some fun. And thats what i get everytime i come on. I live in Australia, Queensland, Coldcost. I'm 14 Years of age almost 15. And i hope to get to know alot more users and mods. :lol: , Chartie_DV.


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Hey Drangonflame1905, hope to see you around some time again. Also, can you help me with some more of my houses interior :p