Dont Hate..Donate!! Zombie Armor Donation Here!!!


Uhmm so I am in the mood on collecting zombie armor for my project :D.

Here are some good reasons why you should do it.
1.It will jack up your chest
2.It is considered as a inventory junk unless if you have plans for it too
3.This project is related to the death games by ETHO!!
4.It is not that hard to get it if you have a looting sword

You may give
1.Gold armor
2. Leather Armor
3.Your good old Iron armor junk
4. Chain armor (would be amazing)

Thanks and give em if i am online or i will give the coords sooner or later of my house



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hi...err...i have tons of zombie armour and i will be glad to give it to you as soon as my minecraft is up an running be a while...but ill try



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you know how sometimes you get those zombies that are wearing armour (usually gold, leather or chain armour). When you kill them they will occasionally drop random pieces of armour that they were wearing, the chances of this increase with a looting sword. This armour is usually damaged and may be enchanted.

Thats what zombie armour is.

Also if you drop armour and a zombie picks it up, itll wear it, then when you kill it the armour wont have taken any damage. This works with tools pretty cool.


Elisha_Day :D