Dev plugin I'm making

Hey lolnet, I'm making a plugin.
Features : able to integrate an adventure map or .schematic file as a game SUCH AS herobrines mansion. It will restore every item in chests and will rollback land.

Lag will be minimal and I am offering it to lolnet IF I can make it. It's a big plugin and hopefully, I can make it.

Cptwin you can use it for lolnet if you want as a separate game type, like there is hunger games and stuff like that. Thanks,



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That sounds awesome!
I've got a few people already who are interested in developing plugins... I just have to work out how to get something like GitHub going (they don't make it easy at all).
So just let me know if you want a hand?
Thanks Cptwin, I hopefully have enough experience and will probably need a hand sometime or another. It's going to be a good plugin!