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xXTommy_gunzXx listened to fireblazer01 who said that i stole his brewing stand and i said i didnt so he lied and xXTomy_gunzXx looked on the records or history or whatever and it said i did steal it andi really honestly didnt so i think he might have lied or hacked my acount and then xXTommy_gunzXx put me in jail so im in jail so i would like fireblazer01 and xXTommy_gunzXx to be repoted thank you :|


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Re: xXTommy_gunzXx

Um if tommy says the logs said you stole I'm afraid you did steal it so reporting him for performing his duty is not going to get you anywhere also reporting fireblazer is not going to do any good as the logs say you stole his brewing stand

So you are scusing a player and a staff member of lying well I'm afraid that the logs don't lie

If you believe your account has been hacked change your password and don't share it account security is the responsibility of the player no one else

Cheers Dez
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