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sup lolnet!

my friend mark (AwesomeGuy9988) would like to be unbanned so I am making an appeal for him since some staff members keep deleting them. He would like to be unbanned from lolnet cause he said he is extremely sorry for what he did and he will make it up to lolnet staff. he is sorry and he would like lolnet staff to consider this appeal. he has been banned since november or something and he first joined lolnet in july in 2012. if you unban him he wont bother anyone ever again, will follow the rules and will help in this epic gaming community.



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Re: Unban Please

EricZ none of his appeals have been removed by staff if you look you will find them they have all been denied he received a permanent ban and that's the way it will stay.

As for you be mindful of what you accuse people off when clearly his appeals are still on the forum as people don't like being accused of things they havant done

Cheers Dez
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