[Denied] Unban me

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=== Ban Appeal===

---About You---

Username: Alvacuh
Main server you play on: Ftb infinity

---About the Punishment---

Punishment issued:Ban
Length of punishment: forever
Reason given in database: for not shutting up

---Your Appeal---

What you dispute: I got banned for asking a moderator which by the way is really rude, i asked him why my friend got banned.
Why do you dispute this/evidence: He said my friend was a idiot and called him a asshole. And he said he got banned for insulting. I told him that he was insulting my friend that got banned for insulting. And he banned me.

Additional details/comments: Chris should not be a moderator because he is not polite just like most of them in the game.


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Re: Unban me

see you should get your facts straight before making an appeal I banned you because you would not drop it, and after you and your friends have been complaining for 2 hours how else do you expect to get treated?

this all steams from the fact you left stuff unclaimed now normally we don't refund things at all when unclaimed so you got way more than you deserve, you then moan for 2 hours about something else you lost and all the staff and players are sick of listening to it you then carry on in pm that is why you are banned

chris is a very good moderator and and only after you harassed him did he say anything untoward


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[Denied] Re: Unban me

Okay now it's my time to comment :D
Lets start off the story.
You said you were griefed, so I tped to you and went to help you out, get everything sorted, etc.
First thing you told me was to "piss off".
Even so, I still tried my best to help you, got your items rolled back, and banned the player who robbed you.
Then you and your friends started attacking a friend of the guy, messaging him and yelling at him even though he didn't do anything.
I tried to sort that out too, as kindly as I could.
You and your friends decided to continue testing my limits by ignoring my warnings about continuing the argument, so I issued a 10m mute to all 3 of you.
After that you still decided to be a pain and continued to attack the player. Each of you were issued a 1 hour mute. EVEN AFTER THAT you continued.
Your friend decided to insult a completely different player, who wasn't even involved in the incident, he was given a perm ban from the owner.
I then explained it to you why he was banned, then you decide to accuse me of being "abusive" or what ever it was, even though you've done all of the above.
You were perm banned due to that comment.
This took place over a period of 2-3 hours.

Appeal denied; Thread locked
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