[Denied]temp ban on me, chosenone

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right .. chosen one ya cheerful badger... see this? is not swearing. check the logs before you act all high and mighty sonnnn do some work, un bannedness thanks , and if you seem to think this is abuse well... a beaver might have somethin to say :D
but no seriously, banning for no swearing when logdata shows what i type.. not whats filtered? really come on sonnnn do work ... get dem fingers tapping and see whos wrooonnngg
Re: temp ban on me, chosenone

Alrighty, Lets get this clear from start.

Even though you may not be swearing at staff, you still had the intention to swear at me, which I had warned you several times for and had jailed you for that too. Also, telling me that someone told you that I like to have "sexual intercourse" with mens, is also considered staff abuse. When you said it, the word was filtered, however when 0zlw checked the logs, thats what it showed. And saying cheerful badger is back, just when I login, is also considered abuse of staff, as you had the intention to.

If You Keep Behaving Like This In Our Community And Do Not Change Your Attitude, Im Afraid You Will Soon Be Perm Banned.

Thread Locked; Appeal Denied.

P.S Calling admins beaver is mocking and abusing them. So watch what you say.
Not open for further replies.