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Hi . My IGN is Crafty488 but because for some reason someone has issued a ban on my name for this website so i cant use it . and anyway the reason I'm writing this is because I was IP banned on the lolnet server and it said for bypassing ban and I would like to know what ban I bypassed Because I have grown attached to this server , I wouldn't mind it you reduced the ban to a temp ban I don't care how long just as long as I can come on the server, Pebbles777 let me stay on as long as I didn't do anything more wrong and I didn't and suddenly BOOM banned . Pebbles please help me out.
Re: Sorry to bother you

Hi There Craft889,

Please respond back with your current IP, it can be found by typing 'My ip address' in google.


Re: Sorry to bother you

Hi Crafty488,

The IP is not valid, please type the full ip address. I believe it is missing some numbers after the dot.
Re: [UnderReview]Sorry to bother you

Hi There Arnie aka TheChosenPrick aka Crafty488,

I dont think I need to justify any further, why you are banned, as it is self explanatory. Please refer to the BanManager Info for more information.

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