[Denied]plz un ban me

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hello i am apple_turn_over now i know what i did and i realize it was way wrong and i should have just ban appealed a long time ago but i didn't. but plz un ban my ip for my computer for the sake of my brother and sister they love ur server and i completely ruined it for them so can u plz ban apple_turn_over but un ban my ip plz. What i did was way wrong and just stupid but the one thing i am good at is apologizing now i am sorry for ip changing but plz just ban me apple_turn_over plz leave my bro and sis out of this

Thank you for reading

yours sincerely apple_turn_over :)
Re: plz un ban me

Well you did know that bypassing a ban from your previous account will result in a ip ban. So you can see that you had it coming. Please explain to your brother and sister how it happened, and im sure they will understand.

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