[Denied]Please Read All Lolnet Staff (Espicially Cptwin)

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To all Lolnet [NZ] Staff,

In Game Name: Awesomeguy9988
Banned for: Impersonating Staff

Lolnet was one of my 1st minecraft servers I had ever played on. A player called "Henry" on your server invited me. I loved it because it had my favourite plugin GriefPrevention.
Also It had really awesome staff like [Admin] 0zlw and [Mod] james137137 and I bet there is now many more.

The reason I logged in as a staff member is because I wanted to see how It felt being an Admin on lolnet. NECKMINUTE| I got haywire...
So If anyone could tell me on how to get unbanned I will try to do the procedure that they tell me. Also If you are reading this Cptwin, I don't mind donating NZD $5.00 just to get unbanned.

So could any staff member please consider this as I love lolnet and its plugins and staff, and I wish I could play on it again. *IF I get unabanned I promise not to do any of those things again.

Yours Sincerely,
Mark (AwesomeGuy9988)
Re: Please Read All Lolnet Staff (Espicially Cptwin)

Hi AwesomeGuy9988,

We cannot simply Un-ban you if you donate towards the server. Impersonating is a serious offence, and coming on to staff accounts can cause server problems, incase you decided to muck around with random commands and crashing the server. So therefore the reason that you have given us, is not really logical and doesn't have a base to make us rethink about your ban.

The Ban Stays; Tread Locked


P.S If a staff member wishes to add onto this or change the decision. Feel free to do so.
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