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Hi there!

Most of you will remember me, and they wont be good ones! But I have matured in the past month, and I would like to just ask, can I please be unbanned, as my server is now not in need of advertisement on other servers. I blame the bypassing bans purely on my own maturity and sincerely apologise to christp123 and all of the other staff who make lolnet fun, that I have been rude to. Please, let me back on lolnet, it would mean the world to me!


Re: Please Please Please!

Hi There CptBley,

You had several chances before...however you had continued to advertise. It is usually a perm ban if you advertise, and we had given you 2 more chances because you showed promise. However we will not do that this time, because no one ever has been given this many chances if they advertised. Thanks for your time in making a ban appeal.

Appeal Denied; Thread Locked
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