[Denied] Phuizour User Assistant Application

UA Application

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    Votes: 5 50.0%
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I have only recently joined your wonderful server and would like to become part of your staff if possible. Im 19 years of age and im free 24/7 at the moment as im not working. I live in Australia (Western) and have been
Super-Admin on many servers however the one i would like to let you know is Arête Gaming it's a Garry's Mod server and i was a Super Admin on there for quite some time. I love helping people out with no cost what so ever and i am a very dedicated person.

I will be soon enrolling into a website development course which will hopefully be able to help your website grow even larger e.g. design and make a forums instead of using PHPBB3.

Some things i have had to deal with over the years of playing Minecraft (have played since alpha) is constant abuse and harassment, so im always use caution when speaking to staff at the moment as i hate disturbing them
if there busy. also i have had experience in running multiple servers with a few people on it (25-30 a day) but nothing as big as this, i know almost all the plugin commands and if i don't i look them up and learn. i
eventually would like to become a admin or even higher than that one day but for now i would like to have a trial period if thats alright with you guys.

anyway ill let you think about it as i know i just joined and i have yet to make a reputation for myself but hopefully the amount of time i put into
this email and the determination im showing will prove to you that im not a bad guy and love helping other people out.

I won't lie I have much to learn if I get this position for example I would like to improve my knowledge on all the mod packs since they have updated a lot since I played last. I would also like to build a good reputation and a humorous, honest, kind person so people are able to ask for help.

All in all if you want a Honest, Dedicated, Kind, Understanding and soon to be quite helpful then your looking at the person to fill that role.


Re: Phuizour User Assistant Application

Denied due to majority no votes.
The majority of no votes come from the fact that most people haven't formed an opinion of you.
From here I suggest you study the following plugins & hang around the server, UA is only a title, you can prove yourself through your actions on the server. Personally I'd suggest re-applying with a more specific application tailored specifically to what you can realistically contribute with current permissions when you believe it is appropriate. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

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