[Denied]NovaModz ban :(

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i got banned today for using a hacked client and im realy sorry, the reason i was using it was to get across the water fast so i could start building in westgate 2, iv only just joined lolnet and i would realy like to continue playing, im realy sorry and iv removed the hacked client and i wont be stupid anymore
Re: NovaModz ban :(

Hi There NovaModz,

Your ban would have been reduced if you had decided to at-least reply or own up to us in game. Giving your self advantages in a game over others is simply a selfish and a lazy act. It would have been better for you to ask a player for help, then rely on a hacked client. We do not believe you would be a positive member to our community and therefore reject this ban appeal.

Appeal Denied; Thread Locked
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