[Denied]My irrelevant ban appeal :)

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OK, my friend awesomesausem came to my house today, the 20th.

He had been player banned for his sister griefing unclaimed land?
And he came to my house, and decided to log in as endermanko without me knowing. He is on a laptop and I am on a desktop, and I cannot see his screen. We were going to build an iron farm whilst he was here, and now I am permanently IP banned for something out of my control. :eek: I was wondering if you would player ban him, or IP ban him tomorrow or something like that.

awesomedog7 (Jonathan)
Re: [UnderInvestigation]My irrelevant ban appeal :)

Hey awesomedog7,

According to our ban manager you are not banned from the server, and neither is your IP. I want you to try connect onto the server, and if its comes up with a message saying you are banned. Then please reply back to this post with your IP address, it can be found by typing "my ip address" in google, and your in game name.


Appeal UnderInvestigation;
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