[Denied] my ban appeal

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i am DoUEvenMinecraft (people say this is an ironic name)
i mostly play on survival

i have been banned
till: 2015-09-30 17:06:25
reason:Failing to catch the clue

i should not have talked to Mikhaila666 that way
i think my punishment hould be reduced because i have been helping people recently even ask xluvbugx


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Re: my ban appeal

Not approved. I don't care if you are "helping people". You're also begging and trying to get other people to do your work. You're attitude is poor, and you seem to have this problem where your mouth gets you muted. Now it got you a temp ban.

Possibly in the future you might consider what you type before you hit enter.

You might also learn to say "I'm sorry", it would have gone a long way in this instance. Too late now. Take some time off.
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