[Denied]my ban appeal NZ_NoobSlaya

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Dear Admins of lol net

I have been band for loging in to other people's acc. It wasnt me it was PiEEater.Im sorry the i.p is mine because hes my Friend and he was at my adress and my friend will not be over agian for a while he thought it would be hallarious but i did not find it tht way because i have been band for this crime

I have thought sincerlly about why im friends with tht idiot and i hope u read this .

im trully sorry for wat my friend did and i hope tht he dosenot do it again

your's sincerlly NZ_NooBSlaya
Re: my ban appeal NZ_NoobSlaya

Hi NZ_NoobSlaya,

Firstly it is your responsibility to make sure that your friend does not do the "stupid" stuff on your PC. Secondly since you knew it was against the rules, you could have stopped it from happening. Lolnet is a busy place, and people creating trouble for staff makes it really hard for us to do our work. If you can provide us with a more explaining reason, we may consider the ban.

For Now The Ban Stays; Thread Locked
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