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Why do you want to become a UserAssistant?
Why do you believe you should be a UserAssistant?
What can you contribute to Lolnet as a UserAssistant?

User Assistant. To me these two words are fairly similar to my role at school last year. I was a middle school leader (Yes, I know it seems cheesy and isn't too much of an achievement) who's, similarly to the UserAssistants on Lolnet, role was to help all the new students get settled in for the year. This meant becoming a role model, a Guide, a Supervisor, a whatever you need. Anyway, besides this, I believe it also led me to become more mature and more responsible.
Foreword aside, I have also played on many a server in my 4 years of minecraft, achieving Designer rank on Athion, Starting an RPG server with some of, who are now probably my best friends I have made through the internet. I have hosted modded servers, vanilla servers, bukkit (or spigot) servers through my crappy PC and botched up Hawkes Bay internet connection for my irl friends, and then I have played on Lolnet.
Through all this, I still remembered Lolnet, probably around 2 years ago I stopped playing on Lolnet so that I could focus more on creative building and Athion as my sights expanded to overseas servers (with the upgrade of my internet), even so that I had a project of mine featured on PMC (which I am very proud of). However I now returned to Lolnet today and remembered my slightly pathetic attempts at gathering more diamonds than krimzin, and my starting of a 'Elven Village' not yet finished to this day.

So, you ask me why I want to become a UA or Mod, sure, it's so that I can share, and use to the best of my ability the skills and knowledge I have aquired over the years to benefit Lolnet as a whole.

Have you setup or operated a Minecraft server before? Do you have experience in Administering or Moderating MC Servers or other games?
Yes, I have hosted (setup) many private servers on my home PC, and also I have helped to create an RPG server (not actually up tho coz we ran out of hosting service) which required WE and VS use.

What experience do you have with using plugins (Prism, CoreProtect, ReportRTS etc) as a moderating tool?
Prism, Coreprotect, ReportRTS, I have no idea, however I can most likely learn

What skills (outside of Minecraft) could you provide lolnet? How would these help the server?
(eg: Website Design, Graphic Design, Experience with running other game servers etc)

Sorry, I have little to no skill that could help the server out of game, however I have a little experience hosting starbound servers

What is an example of a time when you acted like a moderator?
Jeezzz, been a while, but I guess if there is a new player on and they, for example, ask how to get away from spawn, I will answer them and usually help them get some tools and food etc.

What is an example of a time you weren't so moderator like?
When I was younger I played a lot of modded (and still do) however I once went into the mining realm on one server and I got killed. I didn't agree with that so you can imagine my response.

Time Zone and when are you typically online. (We are looking for a diverse range of timezones to have more staff available more often):
I live in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand so I'm in the NZ timezone (same as the server). My active time is usually in the afternoon (as a result of school) and I might not even be on every afternoon because of internals (I am doing Lv2 Maths and Lv 1 everything else).
And I would like to add that I am 16 in 2 weeks so I will be learning to drive.

How would you like to improve lolnet? What can we do better to make using the server better?
Not sure, Tho would like to add a megabuild or something (if for a purpose, or just for 'shits and giggles')

Do you own a microphone/headset? And have you used our Discord server before?
I know that most people don't like Laptop microphones, however I feel they have got better over the years. So yes I have headphones, however I do not have a Headset. (Discord I have use, however I was unaware Lolnet had one).

Anyway, thanks for reading this, and um, idk... *final words go here* ...
Regards, Aegos :D
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