[Denied]Mute appeal.

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I was muted for 24 hours for asking TheChosenOne to leave the area of my build. He had no reason to be there, as the problem had been dealt with, and he didn't respond to me asking him to leave, so when i asked him again, I was muted by 0zlw for 24 hours. Now, perhaps a warning would have been nice, but I was given no reply until "You have been muted for 24 hours" popped up on my screen.
whether or not I deserved this mute, which I believe i don't, 24 hours is far too harsh, especially without warning.
0zlw has said Chosen had a right to be there, as I had just been caught doing something wrong, apparently, but there would be no other way of me doing anything wrong, especially because it would require a member of staff to do so.
0zlw has said I would be treated as a regular user, but 24 hours for a first time offence?
thats not being treated equally, is it?
Re: Mute appeal.

Hey there Spicy_Orange1,

You were given various warnings by 0zlw, especially when he told you "Spicy leave it.", also this is not a first time offence, you have been previously temp-muted and temp-banned for the same thing, ban manager can be referred for more information. You should appreciate that 0zlw did not permanently ban you, for repeatedly abusing staff and breaking the rules.

Appeal Denied; Thread Locked
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