[Denied]Mute appeal. Second

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Chosen, id appreciate if you would not lock my thread, for I had more information to add on, countering your arguments. First off, the previous bans and mutes were when I was SnrMod, and now, as 0zlw said I am "Just a regular use" now, so all previous bans and mutes were a special case.
Second off, 0zlw, I believe told me to "Leave it" about the creative region, not about asking you to leave, for you had no reasonable explanation as to your presence there. When you didn't respond, nor leave, I asked you again, earning a mute. for 24 hours. A point where you forgot to leave out on the previous thread. an overly harsh mute.
Thirldy, it was said that you had a right to follow me because I broke a rule. Its hardly fitting that I should be followed around for "asking for a creative region" thats all I did. The only rule broken, Chosen.

Now before you reply and lock this thread the second time, I may want to add more information, and the forums could get quite messy, so I propose you not lock threads before counter information is given, thank you.


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Re: Mute appeal. Second


This time I will lock the thread you are now arguing an invalid point take your mute like a man and stop crying and user should not have creative in the survival world (except staff) which is why we are considering your request for the creative world to be opened up

So it will be left at that

Cheers Dez
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