[Denied]Macgregory's Ban Appeal

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ING: Macgregory
Reason Banned: Impersonating Admins and Moderators

I am sorry CptWin, 0zlw and james137137 that I impersonated you in the year of 2013.
I have learned my lesson now and I will never do that again. If you unban me, I will donate
NZD$30.00 .

The reason I was Impersonating Admins is because i thought it might be funny which of course it wasn't, My point is I am very sorry for bypassing these rules and it will not happen again. All I want is to come back

Please respond as quick as possible.
I like this server a lot and with its great staff.

Yours Sincerely,
Re: Macgregory's Ban Appeal

Hi Macgregory,

Good job on making a better appeal. However I am still not convinced that you will not be a pain to the community. Impersonating staff is a serious offence, and will not be taken lightly. Impersonating was not funny and is still not and never will be.

Appeal Denied; Thread Locked.
Not open for further replies.