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I have learned my lesson about not messing with lolnet staff accounts and advertising on Cptwin's NZ Minecraft Server. I am appealing again because [User] xX_SoaLKiller_Xx told me that TheChoosenOne might give me little chance. I really want to be unbanned because this is an awesome server with awesome staff and I really enjoyed it. I want to thank Cptwin for setting up this lovely gaming website with fourms and mine craft, tekkit and FTB servers. Another reason why I want to be unbanned is because I want to play with my friends on lolnet. I will never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever do this again. I AM SO SORRY!!!!! Could anyone please consider this?

Re: Lolnet Ban Appeal

Hi There AwesomeGuy9988,

xX_SoaLKiller_Xx asked me how he can get his friend unbanned, and I had told him to tell you to make a ban appeal, I did not mention anything about a little chance. I would have considered this ban appeal and would have unbanned you, only if it wasn't something major as this. Logging into staff account is a major crime, and is not taken seriously. No one is given a second chance to be unbanned if they have been going into staff's account. Therefore the appeal is Denied.

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