[Denied]Hope I'll be back on Lolnet

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Hi, I was recently IP banned for using the X-ray mod and bypassing a ban (I never knew I bypassed). I did not realise I was banned because my sister Jasmine2000 was playing on her account and I logged off and when I went onto my account (HiJumbo) I was IP banned. I have learnt not to use the X-Ray mod and will not use it again, I have uninstalled the X-Ray mod and hope I will be back on Lolnet (my favourite server) I am sorry and have learnt my from my mistakes. Thank you.
- HiJumbo
Re: Hope I'll be back on Lolnet

Hi HiJumbo,

You were well aware when you were bypassing a ban, and I have proof of that, as you said in the chat. Also we cannot un ban your ip, as your friend had decided to bypass the ban too. Too many offences for one ip. Appeal Denied.

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