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Hi,Lolnet Staffs Plz Unbanned me I grief a iron fence but ill fix it again i destroy that thing because i cant find a gate to enter and im excited to see the inside of bartertown sorry about that plzz ubanned me Titan_of_Time Give Me One More Chance I Wont Do It Again I Swear Plzz Unbanned This Only My Server In Minecraft That Can I Play Sorry Lolnet,Sorry Titan_Of_Time,Sorry All Lolnet Staffs And The Owner I Hope Im Being Unbanned I Swear I Wont Do It Again Sorry About That I Do But I Swear That I Dont Have Any Mods Or Other Things That Can Be Banned If Im Unbanned Im Very Happy They Give Me A One Chance
Re: Herobrine2 Banned

Hi There Herobrine2,

As mentioned in the appeal below, your ban will stay as you bypassed the previous tempban. Also try make appeals once per day.

Appeal Denied; Thread Locked
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