[Denied]Hacker3-IP ban

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Sorry that I'm helping Hacker3 write a ban appeal, because Hacker3's account is some how not active. By the way Hacker3 already uninstalled nodus, but somehow he got a perm IP ban for using what ever bypass ban :?: . He is not sure what is a bypass ban, so he doesn't know how to use it. TheChosenOne banned Hacker3 and HappyGuy1972 for using nodus for 1 week. After one week Hacker3's IP was banned. Plz unban his IP, because he didn't use a bypass ban

Thanks perry1112
Re: Hacker3-IP ban

Hi there perry1112,

Please tell hacker3 to make a new account and make his own ban appeal. Also he bypassed ban because his ip matched the banned user, and he messaged someone saying so.

So Therefore Appeal Denied; Thread Locked
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