[Denied]Banned :( !?

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Well yesterday me and my family went out to the mall everything was fine. As we returned I immediately went to the computer but sadly my sister was there before me, so I went to the internet cafe and surfed the net only. I wanted to play minecraft but there was no minecraft there and i did not have the time to download. I went home and saw my sister not using the pc anymore so I immediately played minecraft. As I opened my mc and logged in to the server, boom I was banned for using xray even though I did not play minecraft that day. Can anyone clarify what really happened ? I was able to log in the day before and the next day I was banned even though I did not have the time to play. How come ?

I did not log in on another username but the ip was banned for bypassing. Can anyone tell me the username of the player/s who had the same ip as me.

A friend of mine ( who had the same ip as me ) logged in that day and he said that I was online even though I was at the mall. I REALLY did Not know whgat happeened nd who logged in my account.

To the items that were put in my inventory because of that xray I would like it removed.

I have a friend who knows my password I will ask him if he logged in to my account and I will also ask him if he used xray.
Re: Banned :( !?

Nexwood....playing the "my friend has the same ip" game doesn't work here. You were banned for the use of hacked client, and by hacked client I mean you using x-ray to mine and locate diamonds faster. Yes we have tools and evidence to check who does what. Blaming your sister aint going to solve anything as its your account and PC, so you are responsible for it.

You later logged in as iToxic24, and after that you were IP banned. You will not be given another chance, especially after making up this typical excuse in your appeal.

Appeal Denied; Thread Locked
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