[Denied] Ban Appeal

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In Game Name: AwesomeGuy9988
Reason: Advertising (Cptwin Told Me That)

Ok I have been banned for Advertising because I emailed Cptwin about 2 weeks ago and he said I have been banned for advertising. I didn't really read the server rules but I know what I did was wrong and it to see if anyone wanted to come on my server. (Server Aint up anymore) So I would like to be unabanned from lolnet because I have learn't my lesson, read the Updated Server Rules 13' by 0zlw and SWARE I would never do this again.
Please any staff member consider this.


- Mark (AwesomeGuy9988)


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Re: Ban Appeal

Like you were told in your previous ban appeals "You will remain banned".
This is your third Ban appeal in two days, if you were told no the first time please do not continue to make more appeals for your case.
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