[Denied] Ban Appeal

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b4 you start reading the appel
read this
idk why or how i got banned oh yeah cuase apparently i *wall hacked* well no i didnt wall hack i remeber when i got on it for maybe 2 mintues thanks 2 da super lag lolnet had
i enjoyed every moment of it well that was untill i saw *server restarting in 60 seconds*
and then i thought dam ...........

resons for unban or back 2 temp ban

1. im 11 does anyone know anyone thats 11 and can hack? *dont say me cuase i dont know how 2 hack

2. i got minecraft 4 Riotguardpro

3. lolnet is the best server

4. i also had an idea maybe you could ask them 2 take the hack off?

i remeber when i first started i was always like shit shit why cant i move i relised oh you need 2 register ahh good times anyways thanks for taking your time 2 have a look and if i do get unbanned ill see u guys on lolnet

*hopefully people are allowed 2 post 2 see what they think*


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Re: Ban Appeal

The user is permanent ban and still hasn't provided any substantive or valid reasons why they should be unbanned.
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