[Denied] [Ban Appeal] Hyperlion

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=== Ban Appeal===

I've been playing on lolnet for a few months now and I did need some help for a few months to get started. Thanks to the moderators, everything was going well on the server. I'm a very friendly person and I always try to help even by giving stuff away.

Username: hyperlion
Main server you play on: infinity.lolnet.co.nz

I just got on to play ftb infinity and found out that I got banned for having "duped items" (I put those words in quotation marks because I disagree with the statement). After seeing that I was banned I quickly got onto the forum and decided to write this ban appeal.

Punishment issued:17/05/2015
Length of punishment:24/05/2015
Reason given in database: Exploting a duplication glitch

Here are a few reasons why dispute this statement is that most of the people on lolnet know that I haven't had a normal base for a long time now and once i had a whole bunch of ferrous and stuff I decided that it was time to move to a bigger base with my friends. It was at that time that I saw that I was making pulverised shiny metal very fast and I was happy to give some away to people. Also from months of mining I got a whole bunch of ores from the nether like: Copper, Tin, Ferrous,Lead ETC. Also if I did use this so called "dupe glitch" Why wouldn't I use it on something more useful to me like : cobalt, manyullyn, ardite ETC. So if you are reading this you guys might already know that I love this server so much and that I would never do anything like that on a server as great as this one.

What you dispute: I didn't exploit a "dupe glitch" and was just on the server for a few months mining away.

Additional Comments: Dear Krimzin,
I would just like to say that I can show you my house from a few weeks before moving out and you can see what type of place I've been living in and mining away in. I would be glad to also give you a tour of the old base and of the half build new base.
No hard feelings. :D

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Re: [Ban Appeal] Hyperlion

Hyperlion, I personally witnessed you duplicate Shiny Ingots through exploitation, and soon after, I confiscated the very item that allowed you to do it. Also, I find it strange that you mention ores and ingots, as no one said anything about specifically duplicating them. Clearly you know more than what you've stated in your appeal. I hope you realize just how generous your punishment really is, as this is not your first offense.

Appeal denied - Your punishment will resume. 1 week.
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